The beginning


I’m not sure how it all began, I just know I wasn’t happy with the way things were. I needed a change. I had to find my place under the sun. This is my pursuit of happiness.

    Gate 32

It all started in Ireland. My first solo trip. I can’t really call it a trip, more of a short term moving. Just decided to give it a go. I remember the moment when I bought a ticket. We were having a family lunch and me and my sister in law were buying me an online ticket to Dublin. I clicked and that was it. ‘Hey guys, I bought a ticket’. Everybody was silent. It didn’t feel so great. Neither for me nor for them. I didn’t do it out of a pure wish, I just didn’t know what else to do.

Many years ago, I graduated from college. From that point on, I really had back luck with jobs, it was the beginning of the financial crisis and the companies were falling apart, so sticking to a job was really hard. After a while, I just got sick of sending CV-s, doing interviews, finding new jobs, adjusting to the new environment. All over again. It was a neverending cycle and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wasn’t lazy, I really wanted to work, but this just stopped being my way. So, before my trip to Ireland, I was unemployed for over 2 years. I knew if I didn’t do something now, I would waste away my life.

So this was the beginning of my big journey.

Gate 32

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  • You cannot know, but reading your comments on fb or your stories here I cannot but to feel 25 again; feeling all uncertainties, fears, struggles, and fights, feeling alone but not giving up and constantly packing my few things and starting from zero again, broke but full of hopes. Now with 50, I see some beauty in it, and a sense of freedom I lack now. But I know it is not the same as traveling with platinum card for pure pleasure. Stay strong, open and motivated in your search for your place under the sun. Manuela

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