Hello Dublin

I woke up, safe and sound. There was no need for scissors. When I opened my window, there it was, the sun!


Thanks for that, Dublin. What a nice change after last night. I thought to myself, a perfect day to go out there and explore. So me and my roommate went to the city center. Now, when I think of my first days in Dublin, it feels like I was in another time and another dimension. Everything looked so different. And that is the feeling of being somewhere for the first time. It will never be the same.

When I was back home, I heard there will be an audition for extras for the TV show Vikings. And I definitely wanted to participate. The audition was taking place in Dublin’s most famous neighborhood – The Temple Bar, for two days.

My roommate was growing a beard and wanted to audition, as well. So the two of us went there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The line was a few blocks long. (I’m sorry I don’t have many photos to show you, since my phone got stolen and I’ve lost almost all the photos from my first two months. So heartbreaking πŸ™


So after such a discouraging long queue, we decided to try tomorrow.
And then it happened, Dublin decided to show me all its glory. The weather changed. The wind started blowing. After a few minutes, there was no sun, it started raining. And then it stopped. The sun was here again.Β But that was not the end. After a few minutes small chunks of ice started falling down. And then sun again. I thought to myself ‘Where the heck am I?’


So it’s true what they say about you, you crazy town. Four seasons in one day.


The day after, I went for the audition again. Alone. My roomate couldn’t handle the queue. It was so cold. I waited around 3 hours in line with thousands of other people. And let me tell you this. Even with the sore feet and frozen body, I had so much fun and met such nice people.

The Vikings

When we finally got inside, we had to fill out some forms and get our pictures taken. And then that was it. I went for lunch with my new friend.

I think almost a month passed. I thought to myself, they didn’t choose me. That’s all right, there were so many people, like you wouldn’t believe. But then, one day I got a call. ‘Can you come on Wednesday for a dress rehearsal?’ I couldn’t believe.

In the meantime, I got a job and I was working that Wednesday, so instead of saying: ‘Yes, sure, I can’, and then later worry about how I’m going to get out of it, I said: ‘Oh can I please call you back, I have to ask my boss?’ They said: ‘Hurry, we don’t have time, we have to call others then.’ Of course I couldn’t reach my boss at that time and after half an hour when I got the green line on free Wednesday and called them back, they said they had already found a replacement. But I shouldn’t worry, they will call me again. I never got the call.

This is the single thing I regret most. That, and my phone being stolen.



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