Byron Bay

When us women had a coffee all together, I was asked what my favourite place in Australia was. I stopped for a moment and didn’t know the answer. Every single place I’ve visited there had a special place in my heart. Every single one of them was different and beautiful in it’s own way. So I started elaborating my thoughts and then one woman said: ‘Oh I think you do know, you’re a little hippie.’ And she had a point there. I didn’t look exactly like one, but there was something about me that was leaning towards it. At least my unbrushed wavy sunkissed hair and love towards life. And I knew the answer. It was Byron Bay.
There’s just something about it…

March 2014.

In many ways it is and will always stay special to me. Let’s put aside the fact that it was the place I surfed at for the first time. Saw dolphins in nature for the first time. Big sea turtles. Went on my first solo trip. Entered the 70-ies for the first time. Let’s put aside all that.

And let’s focus on that feel you get when you’re there. Because there’s something about the feeling you have when you’re somewhere. It’s not only the physical beauty of the place, not only the people, but also something else. For people that haven’t experienced this kind of emotions it’s hard to explain, but for you who did, you know.

Could it be that cool sign on the road entering Byron Bay? Welcome to Byron Bay. Cheer up, slow down, chill out. And it’s exactly what people do there. And it’s exactly what you should do if you ever find yoursef there. And I hope you will.

Byron Bay

The first time I went there was in January 2006, only for a day trip with my cousins. And I remember saying to myself, next time, I want to stay longer, I want to get to know this town. And all these years, I was daydreaming how I’m working there in a small shop, selling surfing equipment, or working at a beach bar, just about whatever, as long as I’m there.

And I finally came back again, in March 2014 for some good vibes and surfing. What a feeling that was.

Byron Bay
Photo by Mojo surf

I think Byron Bay is kind of lost in time, but in such a good way. When you’re there, you’ll feel like you’re back in the 70-es. And who wouldn’t want to escape today’s busy life and find themselves in some other, forgotten times.

You can see so many young people, hippies, surfers, walking around barefoot, carrying their surf boards. Everyone’s so laid back. And the town itself is so cute with all these small shops. And the beaches.. and the lighthouse.. There are so many things you can see. But the atmosphere is what makes it that way.

I’ll post some of the photos, but to tell you the truth, it’s almost impossible to paint you this town. You just have to be there to see it all and to feel the vibe.

This is how the town center used to look like in 2014. Doesn’t it bring you back?

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a great place to be for all the beach and wave lovers. Sandy beaches, a few surfing schools, you’d be thrilled.
I remember my cousin and I were sitting on the beach one day when all of a sudden we saw dolphins jumping close to the shore, on the spot where we were swimming just moments ago. It was the first time I saw dolphins in the wild.

You can see them in a short video right here – Byron Bay dolphins.

Byron Bay

If you’re going alone and are on a tight budget, the best thing is to stay at the hostel, because you get to meet so many people that way. I remember we all gathered in the evening in the yard of a hostel. One guy was playing a guitar and we were all chatting and getting to know each other. Then the rain started and we all hid in someone’s room. Sat on the floor, sang and just had fun. Then decided to go out in the pouring rain, running on the streets all wet and ended up in one bar. Danced on the tables. It was a night to remember. We were all strangers, but that night we were best friends.

Cheeky Monkeys

Byron Bay

And that’s Byron Bay, you gotta love it. 🙂

But that’s not all. Not by far. New Byron Bay adventures from 2016 coming soon.





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