Lake Moogerah camping

My first aussie camping was at the Lake Moogerah. This is the place to be for all you nature lovers. It’s a short trip from Gold Coast, around 130 km to the west. And the scenery is just beautiful.

Lake Moogerah

We were joking how this was actually glamping (glamorous camping), since we even had a little kitchen installed and enough food for a month. It wasn’t just barbecue, there was everything! It’s like we brought a shop. Some of our tents even had separate rooms. People would have their own chairs. Go figure. Not the camping I was used to.

It was so much fun putting that all together. And just the fact I was on the other side of the world camping, was enough to make my day.

We pretty much did the stuff people do at camping, we made barbecue, we ate, drank, avoid doing dishes (it was quite a surprise no one had a dishwasher). We swam in the warm muddy lake, we rented kayaks, did some racing. The kids went fishing. We watched beautiful sunset. Gathered all together at night over the fire and made marshmallows. Talked, laughed, told stories. Slept in tents. Some even got drunk.  It was a mixture of generations. And everybody was getting along.

And it was a real nature deal, too (though we did have showers in the camp). Thank god we didn’t see any snakes or crocodiles. However we did have one cute visitor at night, a possum. I guess he wanted some of that aussie barbie 😉

Let me stop talking now, so you can enjoy the photos.

Lake Moogerah

Lake Moogerah

Lake Moogerah

Lake Moogerah


Lake Moogerah

A big hello from all of us campers 🙂


If your passing by little place Boonah, which you probably are, because it’s really close to Late Moogerah, be sure to visit bats that are hanging from the trees in the middle of the day. They won’t hurt you. Probably.









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