Rab, the happy island

As much as it may be exciting to go to a foreign country and be surprised by the differences, it’s also special to get to know your own country, especially when it’s this charming.

Today, I’ll be taking you to the island of Rab which old Romans named The happy island. Felix Arba. What makes it so special that it got this title?

While you’re approching the island by ferry, you have a feeling of passing by some unpopulated planet. Only the sea and small rocky islands.

On the ferry towards Rab

But when you reach the island, it’s totally different story. The city of Rab, intertwined with many small streets and stone houses is a charming old town with four bell towers and lots of little squares.

Tower bells

It’s situated between the cove of Saint Eufemia and the city harbour. Through it’s ancient buildings, monuments and temples, it’s rich with history, the one you can see and feel.

Streets of Rab

Besides charming you with it’s beauty, it will bring you back to some old times. If you attend the famous party Rabska fjera, you will be back in the times of middle Ages and become the whitness of knight games. You will enjoy the traditional dances, bowers competitions and feel the mistic vale of old times.

We had the chance to feel all this history on the party in the name of the victory of Rab city on the 9 May, when Saint Kristofor, the protector of Rab, saved the town by redirecting the arrows of the Normans from the town walls, in the 1075.

Klapa Intrade

Crossbow competitors

Rab is the owner of many rewards in tourism, from the nicest decorated suare, the most original tourist offer to the Rab cake which was declared the most original souvenir. But it also got the international awards, as the best tourist place of the Adriatic coast.


We loved the gastronomic offer. If you are passing by one of the many restaurants, expect the real feast from the sea food to the land one. Drink fine wines. Look at the sea. And don’t be ashamed to move the belt to another hole.

Be a part of making the famous Rab cake which receipe is 800 years old. It was always on nobility menus. Enjoy the cutest surroundings of the Rab house. Try the traditional cookies. Muštaćoni which I got as a present were gone the same day I opened the bag.



Making of the Rab cake – https://www.facebook.com/Gate32travels/videos/1312075942179216/

After a great meal, you need to rest.You can do that in one of the stone family houses or one of the luxury hotels. As you please.

Hotel Padova

Rab is also known as the sandiest island with 22 sandy beaches. Two days are not enough to explore all the interesting things and beauties this island has to offer, so I’ve decided to leave the rest of exploring for some other time. Finding hidden coves and smaragd beaches will wait a bit. Also, I wouldn’t want to tell you all the secrets, you will have to find our some for yourselves. It’s sweeter like that.

And at the end, I would like to thank to all the nice people I’ve met there, that were taking us to see all the hot spots, that fed us not only with the gastronomic specialities but also with the history of this interesting place. You know who you are.

You can check all this in the video below: https://www.facebook.com/Gate32travelblog/videos/1308854919167985/




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